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There are two ways to send your letter to us via this website.
Please click on the relevant symbol.

If you already have a finished letter in the form
a PDF or Word file, you can upload it.

If you prefer to enter a letter yourself online
you will find the necessary form here.
Please choose if you want to see prices incl. or excl. VAT.

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Printing, folding, enveloping and franking of a 1-3 page DIN A4 letter in a window envelope (DIN C6/5) including consumables incl. VAT.

Please choose if you want to see prices incl. or excl. VAT.

» incl.    » excl.
The prices for additional services for letters are always in addition to the transportation fee and the PixelLetter costs for the mailing.
Scale of prices:
The price per letter depends on the amount of letters sent per calendar month. The more letters you send via PixelLetter, the cheaper the PixelLetter fee will be. For example, if you send 12 single-sided letters per month, you will pay the lower price scale small price plus postage starting with the first letter.

The price per letter is composed of the basic price of the letter (see price scale), the number of pages and the postage. Before each order via the web interface, the respective total price is indicated on the last page. This gives you full cost control.

For easy calculation you will find a rate calculator here.

1 - 40,85 EUR / letter
5 - 161,00 EUR / letter
17 - 1761,60 EUR / letter
177 - 3542,75 EUR / letter
The page specifications apply to double-sided printing. For single-sided prints, the number of pages is reduced by half.

All offers and prices are subject to change!